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Set of Four Large Spelter Candlesticks

Set Four Large  Candleticks, in spelter ( zinc-lead alloy), the turned brass sconce above a petalled drip tray, sitting on a turned neck, in turn sitting on a triform moulded tapered column with hatch marks, the column in turn attached to a cast triform base with feet and sporting an armorial coat of arms. The candlesticks have the oxidized remains of an old polish finish and have been left in an undone up state one has a single non structural old break.
Coat of arms with coronet, unidentified but possibly eclesiastical, scallop shells relate to pilgims, piety etc.

Ref No.: 102087
Origin: France
Year: circa 1850

78 cms High (30.4 inches)
20 cms Wide (7.8 inches)