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Victorian Mahogany Library Bookcase

Victorian Library Bookcase, in faded Mahogany made by Bell and Coupland of Preston, with three arched glazed upper doors seperated by moulded pillasters, above three drawers seperated by carved ornamental blocks, in turn, above three arched panel doors with figured Mahogany book matched panels and moulded pillasters between, finished off with fiddle back Mahogany moulded plinth and cushion and fiddle back figured cornice with carved frill ornament. back boards and Mahogany faced shelves of fine Baltic Pine. Original handles and locks but no keys. All in all, a bookcase of very fine quality.

Ref No.: 102187
Maker: Bell and Coupland of Preston
Origin: England
Year: circa 1870

241 cms High (94.0 inches)
219 cms Wide (85.4 inches)
48 cms Deep (18.7 inches)