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Mid 19th Century Renaissance Style Oak Cabinet

 Rennaissance Style Oak Cabinet, of panelled and jointed construction, the heavily moulded cornice above a hinged drop fall front enclosing storage, seperated by a waist moulding from a two door cupboard, all with elaborate wrought iron locks with tear drop handles and fine strap hinges, the cupboard is decorated by split ballaster turnings down the sides and standing on simple straight stile feet running through the base mouldings.
In very original condition, some back boards showing scribe marks where timber from house beams have been re-used in it's construction.
Flemish, circa 1860.

Ref No.: 101731
Origin: Flanders
Year: circa 1650

140 cms High (54.6 inches)
100 cms Wide (39.0 inches)
42 cms Deep (16.4 inches)