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Two Small Tin Travelling Trunks with Faux Tortoishell finish, cast iron catches and brass locks, stencilled with the name Duchess of Gloucester and with various labels including one- Prince  Henry, Prince Richard, Safari Shirts.
English, circa 1940.
Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester was the spouse of Prince Henry, 3rd son of King George V and brother to Edward VIII and George VI. she was , the longest lived member of the Royal Family dying at the age of 102 years old in 2004.
The label refers to her husband Prince Henry and one of her sons Prince Richard, and presumably date from a Safari taken in the early 50's  
priced each 


Ref No.: 101205
Origin: England
Year: circa 1940

Dimensions :
20 cms High (7.8 inches)
46 cms Deep (17.9 inches)
36 cms Long (14.0 inches)