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Portrait Bust of an unknown gentleman, in tinted plaster, by Peligrino Mazotti. well modelled in the classical manner, the gent captured in a dignified pose. The back inscribed: Pub (published) by T Mazzotti No1825 Cambridge.
English, circa 1840.

The Business card, courtesy of the British Museum, ex collection of Sir Ambrose Heal.

Who was T.I. Mazzotti? Was he Pellegrino? Or James? Or was he a third Mazzotti? Has there ever been a T.I. Mazzotti?He was mentioned in J.W. Goodison's 'Catalogue of Cambridge Portraits. I The University Collection', Cambridge University Press, 1955, p. 72-3 as the maker of two plaster casts of busts by Roubiliac of Sir Francis Bacon and Sir Isaac Newton. The orginal busts by Roubiliac are in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. The plaster casts were in the English Faculty Board Library in 1955. It is unclear where they are now.

T.I. Mazzotti is believed to be the maker of the plaster casts, because the cast of Sir Isaac Newton has a scratched inscription 'T.I. Mazzotti Fecit / Amundti (?) 1836.' It appears that the inscription was not well legible. Amundti (?) may be a place name. Were the initials really T.I.? If the casts can be found, it would be worth checking the inscription.


Ref No.: 101695
Origin: England
Year: circa 1840

Dimensions :
50 cms High (19.5 inches)
40 cms Wide (15.6 inches)