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George IV Pedestal Table

George IV Pedestle Table, in Cedar wood, with rounded cornered rectangular plank top, supported on a block at the top of a faceted tapered column with a turned collar at the foot attaching it to a triform base with hexaganal platform with downward curved arched supports.  
English , circa 1838. remains of a paper label on the base reads:- made from the salvaged timber of the reck of the Columbine which sank off the Chesil bank, Dorset on 28th November 1838 with the loss of 16 0or 17 . Made by J Medhurst (amateur archaeologist) of Weymouth

Ref No.: 101939
Origin: England
Year: circa 1838

71 cms High (27.7 inches)
45 cms Wide (17.6 inches)
31.5 cms Deep (12.3 inches)